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Jonathan Tasman
2 min readJul 18, 2022
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Put in the Time.

Just like any great skill, good writing takes time, finding the right publication(s) takes time, and growing an audience takes time.

I’ve seen so many people come to Medium thinking they would make thousands in their second, third, or fourth month. You can’t, it takes time. If you’re willing to embrace the process, you can make a really solid income here. However, you need to be doing a few things:

  • Your writing needs to be of quality
  • Your topics need to have an audience
  • Your writing needs to add value to the audience
  • You need to be consistent in putting in the work
  • You need to see this as a long investment — read 12 months if you publish 1–3 works a day, 24 months if you publish 2–4 works a week, 36 months if you publish 3–5 times a month — maybe longer.

Stop looking for quick tips, commit to the process of writing and the money will follow. It’s not cliche, it's the time-tested truth.

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