Earn More on Medium A New Writers Bootcamp #2

So You Want to Earn Money Writing: Community, Titles, and Tags

Jonathan Tasman
4 min readFeb 15, 2022


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Whether you’re a new writer on Medium or you’ve been thinking about joining Medium. It’s important to know how best to engage on the platform. Check out my previous article New Writers Bootcamp #1 for more information about Medium. For those who already saw it, let’s continue learning how to get the most out of Medium as a platform.

Medium is a Community

One of the biggest things I see new writers miss out on is that Medium is a thriving community. We’re all here to share, learn, and grow. That means you need to join the community. How do you do that? Great question; you join the community by interacting with others.

  1. Write thorough responses and comments to let the author know you’ve read their piece. This not only boosts their article by your interactions (comments, claps, and follows). It allows others to read your response, see how you view the world, and pop over to your page and see your articles too.
  2. Go find people to follow who are writing content that brings you value. Follow writers you admire, writers you disagree with, writers who make you think, and writers who inspire you. Follow topics you love and let those articles fill your feed.
  3. Finally, to really dive into the community, highlight sections of articles that speak to you. Let the author know you really resonate with what they’ve written. It makes authors feel great to see people touched by their words.


  • Comment on others stories
  • Follow people (sometimes they’ll follow you back)
  • Highlight parts from other articles

Gather an Audience by Writing Good Titles

If you plan on being on Medium for the long haul, you need to learn to write strong titles. They can’t be clickbait, they need to communicate what your article is about, but also tell us a story before we read the article. Good title creation is an art, you are inviting someone to spend their time reading your thoughts and ideas. Make sure it builds value for your audience. This goes further…



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